HTC Flyer Tablet Shows Up On Amazon For $US730

What to make of the 32GB HTC Flyer? It’s a 7-inch tablet, which we’re inherently sceptical about, but it’s one that we actually really enjoyed using. And at the listed price of €669 ($730), it’s going to be cost-competitive with the current-generation 32GB iPad. And will be even cheaper if they can get a sweet US carrier discount.

But does lack of sticker shock make the Flyer worth it? On a 10-inch device, definitely. But despite its two cameras, slick interface and OnLive gaming, Flyer still offers less real estate than the (soon to be updated) iPad, Xoom and others. But knock a couple of hundred bucks off with a two-year Verizon contract, and you’ve got my definite attention. [ via via Engadget]