HTC Desire 2 Leaked, Listing Spotted At Vodafone Germany

A grainy, slightly blurry update for last year's HTC Desire—otherwise known generally as a leak—was spotted this weekend in someone's hand as well as in the inventory listings of Vodaphone Germany. What's new here?

The screen is allegedly Super AMOLED (resolution not known) and the software onboard is Android 2.3.1. The tactile buttons seen on the original in 2010 will not be present on the Desire 2, having been replaced (in the photo, at least) with touchscreen ones. The seemingly industry standard front-facing camera is also present behind that subtle watermark. That's about all she wrote for now. Engaget notes the Mobile World Congress is just around the corner and more details are likely then. I'm inclined to agree. [Android Forums via Engadget]

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