HP’s webOS Tablet, Called Touchpad, May Go On Sale Today

HP’s webOS Tablet, Called Touchpad, May Go On Sale Today

Not to be confused with the area on your laptop that you control your cursor with, the very highly anticipated (an soon to be officially official) webOS tablet will be called TouchPad. That’s according to PreCentral, who cleverly overheard a rehearsal in which the tablet was called by that name and identified as being 10 inches and 13mm thick – familiar dimensions to iPad owners.

Robert Scoble also confirmed a 10-inch tablet, as well as a phone so small that it’s “like a large pebble in your hand”. In fact, Scoble thinks it’s too small, at least to be considered a serious iPhone or Android competitor.


The Palm Touchpad, Pre 3 and Veer all made an appearance earlier in the “Deals and Offers” dropdown menu, which seems to indicate that they may be ready to ship ’em out as early as today.

Of course, the biggest questions surrounding these device don’t have anything to do with what they’re called. We should be finding out within the hour how much the cost and, more importantly, how they are to use. [PreCentral, Scobleizer; Image credit: Engadget]