How Twitter Made This The Most Fun Super Bowl Yet

How Twitter Made This The Most Fun Super Bowl Yet

I mean, the game was pretty good. But the commercials could’ve been better and the halftime show almost destroyed my faith in humanity. But did you know why I had the most fun this Super Bowl? Twitter.

I had a few friends over watching the Super Bowl but aside from the usual party favours and jokes about Fergie’s face, it was your run of the mill get together. But when I caught up with everyone on Twitter? Holy shit, America was throwing a rager and everyone was invited.

It’s the freaking Super Bowl! The streets were talking. Sports fans waxing poetry about Aaron Rodger’s spiral. Non sports fan dreaming of eating popcorn like A-Rod. Girls complaining when Roethlisberger was shown on screen. Guys wiping off their drool from Kim Kardashian. Everybody had something to add to the game.

And after hearing everyone on FOX drone on that this game will define America’s greatness, cure cancer and give everyone love on Valentine’s day, I was ready for REAL opinions. No more sponsor shilling and inane analysis (I swear Aikman said a field goal would be huge but a touchdown would be bigger at one point).

And when you use Twitter for huge events like the Super Bowl, you’re getting MUCH better commentary than anything on TV. I’m as big a sports fan as you’ll find but there’s many people smarter than me and the talking heads at FOX. The sportswriters I follow gave me fresh takes to see past the hype of FOX. Others confirmed what I heard, that the crowd was largely Pittsburgh fans. Some even told me how much Papa John’s would lose if the game went to overtime (they were going to give free pizza away and it’d be $US11,379,230). Hell, I even found out about all the silly prop bets and which one’s won (Aguilera sang under for the anthem, over for ‘braaaave’ and the gatorade was orange).

But I’m a sports fan. I eat that shit up. Anything about the game interests me. But that’s the beauty of Twitter, depending on who you follow, you can get hilarious nuggets tailored to your own style of perspective delivered right to you. If you were out grabbing more beer, a quick glance at Twitter would let you know that Sealy killed it with their spot. If you needed an extended bathroom break from all the pizza, you could find out what ‘Imported from Detroit’ means and be linked to the two-minute commercial right away. When the whole world is watching and tweeting, you can even justify missing the entire game. Hell if I didn’t love football, I would love to skip it. The Super Bowl is America’s exercise in excess, catching the Super Bowl on Twitter is all the highlights a normal person needs. Plus, you can count all the one-liners you read as an extended ab workout.

And you know what? Twitter works like this for every big event. For me it might’ve been the Super Bowl but for you it could have been Obama’s Election or Egypt or the Academy Awards or even Jersey Shore, get enough people focused on the same thing and you’ll find out the true spectrum of emotions and angles that paid professionals are afraid to touch. When you’re combing through your twitter timeline, you’ll know that nothing is sacred. And that’s the way you should want it: filtered news with unfiltered opinions.

The ONE problem and possible dealbreaker? Now that Twitter checking has carved a spot next to the game and commercials in my Super Bowl watching, there’s absolutely no dead time. There was barely any free time before, and now Twitter has eaten the rest of it. And that’s when you hope the Black Eyed Peas perform at halftime every year. So you can ditch their performance, take a break and crack jokes about Fergie’s face on Twitter.