How To Integrate iWork With Dropbox On Your iPad

How To Integrate iWork With Dropbox On Your iPad

iWork on the iPad is pretty good, but its biggest missing feature? A lack of Dropbox integration. As tech blog TechInch has discovered, this can be fixed pretty easily. Using previously mentioned DropDAV — a service that enables WebDAV access to your Dropbox account — you can add your Dropbox account as a WebDAV share and effortlessly sync your iWork documents.

These are the basics steps:

  • Get a Dropbox account if you don’t have one already (free for 2GB plus extra space that you gain from referrals).
  • Sign up for DropDAV (free if you have a Dropbox free account, otherwise it costs a few bucks).
  • Add your DropDAV share to iWork on your iPad.
  • Copy documents to and from your DropDAV as needed.

It’s not a perfect solution but it’s definitely better than no Dropbox integration. For the full instructions, hit up the post over at TechInch.

] Integrate Dropbox with Pages, Keynote, and Numbers on iPad [TechInch]

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