How This Drunk Tweet Got Sent From The American Red Cross's Account

Followers of the American Red Cross looking forward to the usual blood drive updates were surprised to find this tweet in their feeds two nights ago. It's not every day the world's largest volunteer services gets "slizzered".

So what happened? Was it a malicious hack to make the ARC seem like a bunch of lushes? Nah. It was just ARC blogger Gloria Huang - who also has access to the ARC twitter account - getting a little tripped up by HootSuite:

It's okay, Gloria! Turns out you actually did a good thing in the end. Because first, the Red Cross was able to show some social media (blech) savvy with an actually funny follow-up tweet:

We've deleted the rogue tweet but rest assured the Red Cross is sober and we've confiscated the keys.Wed Feb 16 05:40:01 via ƜberTwitter

Not only that! In gratitude for the shout-out, Delaware's excellent Dogfish Head Brewery encouraged it's 38,000 followers to turn the snafu into a mini blood donation drive. HootSuite even donated 100 bucks to the Red Cross... and a couple of coozies to Ms. Huang.

A happier ending than most of my slizzered nights, that's for sure. [BeerNews via Geekosystem]

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