'How Abstract Can A Landscape Become?'

"How abstract can a landscape become while remaining a landscape?" That's the question Dutch photographer Gerco de Ruijter asked himself, setting off with a camera on a collapsible fishing rod to shoot the Netherlands' forests. The answer: amazingly, gorgeously abstract.

BLDGBLOG has a handful of de Ruijter's shots, all of which show trees looking decidedly untreelike. But beautifully untreelike, too! And the project only gets better when you hear how he took the photos: Some were snapped with a kite rig, others, amusingly, by attaching the camera to the end of a collapsable fishing rod. How's that?

On top of this rod is a 2.5-inch x 2.5-inch camera with a wide-angle lens. A self-timer is adjusted to give me enough time to telescope the rod and manoeuvre the camera above the subject. The frame of the image begins in front of my own shoes and measures roughly 9m x 9m.

I'll never look at trees, or fishing, the same way again. [BLDGBLOG]

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