Here's A Better Looking, Less Awkward Segway

Segways are nerdy and awkward, there's no way around it. This solowheel, a "self balancing electric unicycle" is just as nerdy as a Segway but slightly less awkward. The Solowheel only weighs 20 pounds and comes in a relatively small package and is definitely no where near as unwieldy as a Segway. Plus, it doesn't come with the reputation of mall cops and weirdos. It's supposed to come out in March for $US1,500.

Here's a video fo the Solowheel in action. [Solowheel via Cool Hunting]


    Yeah,.. looks like it would be uncomfortable on the knees after awhile. Plus the turn circle leaves me feeling it would be dangerous for changing direction quickly!!

    Why not just add a stem for a seat and make it a proper unicycle, so you can sit while you roll?

    Nodeity - If there was ever a situation where u needed to turn this thing quickly, it'd probably be safer and simple just to step off it...

      So no riding on crowded footpaths then.. :]

    Doesn't look like it's got much space for battery power. Might need a backpack or something for extra juice.
    You have to wonder whether these smart engineering types could benefit from teeming up with a couple of artists to help them introduce a funky/cool factor into these products to make their value more apparent to the wider public. It's just not enough to have something that works well, people have to WANT to use it.

    Why not just walk... seriously.

      agreed. +1 (legs don't cost an extra $1500USD)

    What everyone seems to have missed... how do you get on/mount up?? They carefully avoid any mention of this in their promo material, I imagine most riders start by hanging on to a pole for balance.

    Perhaps most will finish their ride the same way?

      watch the vid. 1 minute in it shows a guy getting on.

    "Now you too can feel like you're perpetually falling over!".

    But seriously, this design looks like it would kick you the f**k off if you hit bumpy ground. I mean, the Segway gives you handlebars for your own balance as much as the device's.

    If your counter argument is "what about skateboards", well, a) they lose momentum in bumpy ground cause they're not powered and b) the flat surface means you can dismount very quickly and easily.

      Just to provide the facts, Segways do not depend on the handlebar to achieve balance. The handlebar is primarily used to change direction. They do help the rider maintain some degree of stability even when completely stationary or when heavily braking.

    No handlebars, no seat... Since when did walking become so unacceptable to people?

    I think it's a great machine . I travel 12 km to work which is impractical to walk, but Solowheel would be an alternative "green" option to the car.

    how can i get it? i am living at Syd now. i am very interest on this solo wheel

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