Guy Uses Android Smartphone To Dismiss Speeding Ticket

It’s these kinds of stories that bring a smile to your face. US based Android fanboy Sahas Katta was pulled over by a police officer for ‘speeding’ in a school zone. Little did the unsuspecting cop know, was that Katta was using Google’s nifty My Tracks Android app on his phone and it was already recording his GPS movements.

My Tracks records can record the precise GPS coordinates and speed of a moving car, with the added bonus of being able to visualise this data on a Google maps overlay. In other words, Katta had good evidence of his speed in the school zone.

Katta took the matter to court and fought the case successfully by showing the Judge the phone data, who later had the ticket dismissed. Strangely enough, even though the Judge decided not to take the data into account, it seemed to influence the judge's ruling. Moral of the story: you never know when your some random smartphone app might come in handy.

You can read more about Katta’s adventures on Skattertech.

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