Greenpois0n Now Available For IOS 4.2.1, Allows For Untethered Jailbreak

Been itching to jailbreak your iOS 4.2.1 device? Got a Mac? Then you're in luck because the Chronic Dev Team has just released a new Mac version of its Greenpois0n jailbreak tool. [Greenpois0n via Engadget]


    Would this work on a hackintosh? May need to build one.

      Worked on my hackint0sh(hp dv5)

    FYI for anyone getting stuck at the "Greenpois0n initializing" screen, make sure you start with your iPhone ON and follow the instructions. And remember to keep holding the HOME button down, even after it says "Greenpois0n Initializing"

    It's been a year or 2 since I was bothered jailbreaking my iphones as apart from playing around with it, I couldn't see anything really worthwhile to justify the hassle. Any chance of doing an updated "Top XX Reasons to Jailbreak your iOS"?

    Plenty of mirrors available - site is down!

    Reasons I jailbreak:
    -Beautiful themes

    Reasons I jailbreak:

    SBSettings - for access to connection settings by swiping the top of the phone.

    Installous - to pirate and trial apps.

    My3G and MyWi

    QuickReply for SMS - reply to texts without exiting app.

    Infinifolders - allows you to increase folder size.

    But you're right, with the new OS Firmwares it's becoming less and less necessary to jailbreak.

    My 3G is stuck on 4.1 because I used an untethered jailbreak that upgraded the baseband to 06.15.00. Gps not working now either. Wish I'd waited for this jailbreak!

    It was still worth jailbreaking though, my reasons:
    -activator (assign gestures to load apps etc)
    -calendar info on home screen

    No windows no care.

    Thanks guys.. I'll check them all out.

    Even so, would make for a good article :)

    Forgot a couple of others:

    iGotya - picture and location of person trying to unlock your phone (best on iPhone 4)

    MxTube - You Tube downloads

    Makeitmine - Carrier name change (a bit of fun)
    Covert - Private Setting for Safari browser.

    I love the Lockinfo integration with 2Do, Weather and Calender.

    Greenpois0n was a bit of an arse over the weekend. Had to install Redsn0w and then Greenpois0n to get the thing to work properly. All working now though.

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