Google: All Of Honeycomb's Features 'Will Come To Phones In Some Form'

Worried that the tablet-optimised version of Android, Honeycomb, has features your phone will never see? Dan Morrill, the Android open source and compatibility tech lead, has tweeted that "Honeycomb runs all existing Android apps; all the APIs & features will come to phones in some form. Just a matter of time."

Sure, not all Android phones will receive the Honeycomb features - helloooooo, G1 owners! - but it's likely Morrill is referring to the next minor step in the sweet-tasting Android update adventure. It's been rumoured that it'll still be called "Gingerbread" and not Ice Cream = which Eric Schmidt pretty much confirmed will be the next major version of Android, likely Android 4.0.

Android 2.4 will combine Gingerbread and Honeycomb, and also address the segregation issue between tablet and phone. One device running Android 2.4 out of the box has already leaked: the HTC Revolver, which is supposedly launching on AT&T. We also have it on good authority that HTC's Facebook-tweaked phones, the ChaCha and Salsa, will be launching with 2.4 as well. [@DanMorrill]

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