Going Green is Easy When We Don’t Have To Pay More For It

Going Green is Easy When We Don’t Have To Pay More For It

Have you ever felt the urge to help the environment by switching to a more sustainable life, filled with cute reminders of green-rated products, while hopefully saving the planet at the same time? According to new research, you can forget all of that. Unless however, you are willing to put your money where your mouth is.

The last decade has a seen a tsunami of green marketing promotions aimed at informing consumers of the more ecological alternative. Certainly, with the recent push towards a carbon price, it’s sometimes easy to feel slightly over-awed by the green movement, although most people would say they’re still keener than mustard to make a difference.

Even as more of us feel the urge to contribute to making a greener planet, it’s the actual price and not anything more sinister say researchers, that’s affecting our final purchasing decision.

The Macquarie University study was commissioned by Panasonic in attempts to find the missing link between positive green attitudes and actual purchasing decisions. 2000 people took part in the survey, while stats provided by the researchers suggest we’re ‘all talk’ when it comes to the environment:

75 per cent of consumers considered environmental features ahead of buying goods, only 20 per cent actually purchased goods with eco credentials.

In what might surprise their elders, younger Gen Y consumers (aged 18 – 24) were most likely to own eco-friendly products than any other demo. Leave it to Gen Y to save the world…

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