FYI: Car Stereos Don't Get Viruses From iPods

If a car dealership ever claims your stereo unit got a virus from pirated MP3s on an iPod connect via 3.5mm audio cable, they're wrong. Dead wrong. So wrong, you should punch them in the face. [Reddit]


    Just thinking of that made me laugh hysterically

    I am assuming that a car dealer somewhere has a caved in face at this point?

    Ok thanks Adrian. I'm off to Parramatta Road with a loaded question. Should be a long punchy day.

    Thanks a lot that is what happened to me too and as suggested I punched him in the face. Next thing I knew police came around and arrested me for assault :(

    Holy Cow!!! Some people are really really really dumb. Now how you gonna get a virus through an analogue audio connection??? Maybe this could be done but I doubt it has!

      Do I really need to point out that the previous ipod nano's transferred data using this exact process? An analogue headphone connection hooked into a usb port? It would be perfectly possible, but it wont happen.

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