Fruit Roll-Ups Make For Great Camera Flash Gels

Photographer John Crane was out ice climbing and stumbled upon a beautiful ice cave that he wanted to shoot perfectly. The problem was that it was hard to capture all the little details without a flash gel. Crane says:

Crazy white balance adjustment wasn't getting it done, and in my effort to (for once) minimize the kit brought to keep the pack light, flash accessories were limited. The ceiling of the cave was full of a beautiful, green, soft moss and "Lord of the Rings" style blades of pure, crystal-clear, perfectly smooth ice. "Wish I had a green gel..." I said.

And that's when his friend suggested he use a fruit roll-up instead. The delicious snack delivered the desired effect: he got a neat looking picture, a better story and a tasty treat. [OutdoorPhotoBlog via CrunchGear]

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