Facebook ‘Waiting Room’ App Helps You Break Up Couples

Facebook has disabled Breakup Notifier, the controversial app that automatically informed you when a girl or guy you fancied changed their relationship status to single. Into the void steps WaitingRoom, which represents a massive leap in Facebook-stalking technology.

It too will notify you when targets break up. But it also lets you discretely inform someone you're sitting around waiting for them to become single. You can put a spoken-for person in your "waiting room": they'll get an email letting them know, then they can install the app and see everyone out there that's "waiting on them".

This creepy relationship-stalking Facebook app stuff will never end. Ultimately the lesson is: Don't list your relationship status on Facebook if you don't want it to become a data point in the cold strategic decisions of potential suitors. An alluring sense of mystery is love's killer app.

Facebook ‘Waiting Room' App Helps You Break Up Couples

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