Dell Marketing Stunt Fails Spectacularly: Two Employees Arrested

To celebrate the release of the new Dell Streak tablet, a genius Dell sales manager in Round Rock, Texas, wanted to boost employee spirit and make it an event to remember. Too bad his ridiculous plan got him and another employee arrested.

The idea was to have "a person dressed as a biker in all black with a black mask" storm the Dell building and gather all 400 employees in the lobby. It was supposed to show off the Streak working with Harley Davidson (hence, the biker). Unfortunately employees panicked and called police when they saw that the man was carrying "two metallic objects". It gets worse.

The horrible stunt could have ended less horribly, but when the police arrived at the building, the man involved in the ploy refused to comply with officers. He just kept going on with their stupid stunt! Basically, the idiots just kept on digging a hole, that really didn't need to be dug in the first place, and landed them in jail. Good one. [KXAN via TechnaBob]

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