Create Contact Icons On iOS Home Page

iPhone users with lots of contacts in their address book will be familiar with the sense of frustration at having to go through at least two screens before getting access to your favourite contacts. Aussie developers Mokten have created an app that lets you create shortcuts to your favourite contacts on the iPhone's home page.

The aHomeIcon app lets you insert a wide range of functions to a dedicated button on your home screen. You can call a contact, SMS a contact, email a contact, as well as link to a song in your iPod library, or create your own audio file.

With contacts, you can even add a photo to the icon to identify them quickly on the homepage.

It's a free download, and should be a must for any iPhone owner looking for some pretty basic functionality Apple has traditionally avoided including.




    Great idea but its terribly slow when you tap your icon to load the phone call.

      I don't see what this does that the favourites list doesn't do already.

        Hi, I'm the founder of Mokten.

        @Sean Unfortunately, when you have a slow internet connection you'll have a slow experience. Funnily enough, if you launch an icon with no internet connection you'll experience a much quicker response because it uses html5 offline caching. We have this constraint because at this time Safari is the only way to create multiple Home screen icons. But you can also launch icons from within aHomeIcon (Settings->Run Mode->ON) without the need for an internet connection.

        @Brendan aHomeIcon is meant to give iOS users what Android users already enjoy - the ability to create any type of Home screen icons. Creating a shortcut icon on your Home screen saves you a few clicks and searching around in the appropriate App. It also consolidates the different types of favorites in one place. In my mind this should have been a basic feature for all iOS devices but for whatever reason Apple decided not to include it.

    Heh, another workaround method required in iOS to match another of Android's stock features ;)

      Isn't android based solely around iOS? Without the iPhone version 1 you'd have nothing.

        Honestly, I have no idea what exactly the user experience of Android was inspired by, though I think it would be just as naive to believe that its solely based on iOS, as it would be to believe Google hasn't stolen some ideas from Apple.

        Having said that though, going back to to the facts, Android does home-screen contact icons out of the box, iOS doesn't.

      I'm waiting for iOS to make a work around for a jaggy poor excuse for a scroll that Android has as a stock feature ;)

    An app by any other name...

    This stuff has been around for a looong time, and the choice by Gizmodo staff is just one of many.

    You should have reviewed Moktens MasterApp offering - it certainly seems to have more to offer the Gizmodo readers.

      This app relies on a data connection as all it does is setup URL shortcuts on your home screen that direct to the server to send back to the app on the phone what to trigger. This will be why some people will find it slow to activate at times... especially if they have very slow data plans.
      Quite an ingenious setup but you should be aware of how this works because every icon you use needs to be uploaded to the site. If you don't like this fact then you ain't going to want to use it.

        @cflow We actually didn't see any App that consolidates all the features like aHomeIcon does - phone, email, sms, photos, iPod library, audio recording, and url. But there are 350k Apps so it is difficult going through each one. I'd love to know about similar Apps though.

        We're flattered about the complement of MasterApp.

        @ward_s You're correct. You must be a developer? :) If you don't want to use an internet connection and/or upload your image to our servers you can always launch from within aHomeIcon (Settings->Run Mode->ON)

        I really appreciate everyone's comments and support.

    Just a quick update. We've totally reworked aHomeIcon. It reached #9 overall in Japan and on fire in the rest of the world.

    With iOS 5.0 you can call the Settings app. This is especially usefull to quickly turn your Wi-Fi/Bluetooth on/off and conserve battery life. This makes aHomeIcon even more usefull. Blogged

    Thanks for everyone's support!

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