Could This Mind-Blowing Upside Down Water Trick Actually Work?

The creators of this incredible video claim that with just a board, a glass of water and a smooth surface you too can "suspend water without a cup" in an upside down tornado right before your eyes.

The video footage looks incredible, but as with all incredible video you'll find on the internet, it's probably fake. The creators encourage you to continue trying if you don't get it right the first few times, of course right?

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    Not sure what there is about it that is "probably" fake...

    When something violates the known laws of physics, then they don't need to know your credit card details, or something like that

    So very fake. Come on Giz...

    Like most of these videos I REALLY want to believe that this could work.... but I see no possible way of it actually working. how could the water keep the shape of the cup? Water is not a thick substance... it doesn't hold a shape... I don't see how the spinning could get around this problem.

    I really wanna believe it though.

      AND... it takes a lot of effort to get water spinning without a spoon/fork/finger. Just by turning the cup it takes at least a few fast rotations before the water starts to move, I doubt he could achieve this much momentum in a single wrist flick.

      I has to label it a fake... but I am gonna google for more of this particular "trick"

    That is awesome and my house was recently flooded so I have the perfect place to try it out.


    In the cut.. He has Frozen the ice... The spinning makes it losen in the glass and the "water" spins...


      I think you're right, but freezing water without bubbles or imperfections is actually the hardest part of the trick...?

        If you freeze boiled distilled water you wont get air bubbles (no dissolve gasses).

    lol Giz. Your level of reporting is astounding!

    Oh look, a guy on youtube who posts 3D graphics/animation/editing videos has posted an amazing video of water defying the laws of physics!

    Could it be real I ask you?

    A true fake!

    I also like the fact that for all of the 'fialed attempts' he spins the glass clockwise, yet the 'real' one he spins anti-clockwise to match the video edit... the other guy editing the video must be left handed.

    It would be interesting to see the likes of Mythbusters (or someone with too much time on their hands) take on the challenge of recreating the trick without CGI though...

    ... Particularly because right at the end of the trick the amazing suspended water falls and splashes all over the table in the last few frames of the shot

    No way man, this totally works!!!! i did it with a cup full of black paint!!!!!!

    I suggest get some black paint and try it!! You wont belive your eyes!!! :D

      Please Please some one try that.. lol

    This guy is a true magician. Just take a look at another of his videos.

    And check the comments on it too.

    It's fairly easy really. Fill the cup up with water, quickly dip the cup, up to the brim into liquid nitrogen so that the surface of water touching the cup freezes over leaving the inside liquid. Wait till it thaws abit so tha it can free itself from the cup easily or wait some time until ice has melted sufficiently thin to look like no ice at all. Perform trick. ice melts, voila.

    Just take a look at another of his videos,
    and read the comments.
    He is a CGI whiz

    Try using a shot glass first. It's better to start small. Then, the next step is to use a more viscous fluid, like semen. The viscosity along with the small size makes it work nearly EVERY TIME. Just try it. You won't believe your eyes. Show your friends, family, even grandma. They'll all love it!

    YO I TOTALLY DID IT!!!! it only takes like a half hour to do too , it is my first time trying, but after reading the comments; harry says it works best with black paitnt, but its really the OIL in the painnnnnt. TRY WITH OIL!!!

      Thanks for the tip! OIL WORKS REALLY WELL! After experimenting with different types, I found the extra virgin olive oil had the highest success rate. You still have to do it a couple of times before you get the hang of it. Super unleaded gasoline also works really well according to my friend but I haven't tried it yet because of the strong smell.

        Has anyone tried it with hydrofluric acid?

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