Canon's New Elphs: The Touchscreen, Night Shootin' 500 HS And Zoomy, GPS-Equipped 230 HS

You've got pockets, Canon's got cameras for 'em. The PowerShot ELPH 500 HS is the touchscreen-sporting successor to the affordable low-light champ SD4000 IS, and the SX230 HS has 14x optical zoom and GPS to keep you all orientated.

The PowerShot Elph 500 HS picks up on the promise of the SD4000 IS: respectable low-light shooting on the cheap. Relatively cheap, anyway. It'll be $US300, fifty bucks cheaper than the SD4000 was when it came out. It's got a brighter, F2.0 lens, and it went and grew itself a 3.2" touchscreen, too. Tap it and it takes a picture. Just like your smartphone!

It has 32 smart auto scenes, shoots 1080p video and has a new movie digest mode that takes a four second video clip every time you take a photo. I'd probably just prefer to look at the photos themselves, but hey you know I'm not everyone.

The 230 HS has a 12MP CMOS sensor, 14x optical zoom, and GPS that can keep running, if you so choose, even when the camera's off. It too will shoot 1080p video and sport the movie digest mode, and it'll be $US350 when it drops at the end of March.


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