Brisbane’s Superfast Broadband Plan Gets Flushed Down The Pipe

You might remember that a few months ago, Brisbane made headlines for something decidedly un-flood related. The city was in talks with British telecommunications company i3 to facilitate the laying of superfast broadband in the city’s sewage pipes.

Now, according to a statement by Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman – that idea has been effectively flushed away for now. The service had hoped to connect 500,000 homes in the Brissy region, but with a bit of background reading and you’ll see that experts saw the stink in this smelly idea from the start. An Age investigation into the company found that i3 had a history of less-than-glowing business dealings in its native homeland.

Given how this has turned out for Brisbane, Newman isn't prepared to let the idea go completely. Apparently there are a number of other firms waiting in the wings to be given a similar chance. Personally, I think there is more chance of the NBN being built before this $600 million pie in the sky gets out of the gutter.

[Via ABC]

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