Borders Enters Administration, Kobo Assures Your eBooks Are Still Safe

Yesterday over in the US, Borders filed for bankruptcy. Through what can be seen as coincidence or providence, the company behind the Australian bookstores Borders and Angus & Robertson, RedGroup Retail, has today been placed in voluntary administration. Fortunately, Kobo have assured that all eBooks purchased through the companies are safe.

On a blog post in response to the US Borders bankruptcy, Kobo - the company behind both ethe Kobo reader device and the Kobo eBook store - has assured customers that even if Borders dies, eBooks purchased through Borders using Kobo's backend will be perfectly safe, as they are a seprate entity who run the entire operation from their own servers and who have complete financial stability:

"Kobo is an independent, financially secure company that provides a Global eReading Service. Today will be another day filled with books being downloaded every second by Kobo users in over 100 countries."

"Your ebook library is perfectly safe. The Borders ebook experience is powered by Kobo, an entirely separate company from Borders. Kobo is financially secure and will continue to maintain your ebook library no matter what happens."

The fact that Kobo has made a point of the fact it offers a global eReading service means that the same security is in place for Australian customers. Even if (tragically) both Borders and Angus and Robertson bookstores cease to exist in Australia, the Kobo platform will remain, and any ebooks purchased through the Borders store will be safe, as will any ebooks purchased from now.




    I imagine physical bookstores will eventually vanish, but I'm a bit surprised this one is/may be going so soon.

      I don't think they'll disappear totally, but it'll be like film for cameras, a niche product, available, but not always convenient.

      can say it was only a matter of time since places like Big W and Kmart upgraded their book sections

      Paper bookshops won't vanish, but I imagine big "one size fits all" stores like Borders will. Your big department stores will cater to the general (paper) book markets, with smaller stores having to differentiate to survive through speclalisation and focused product range.

    Hmmm i wonder what will happen with all the giftvouchers from these stores? I mean will they still be honored?

    So, are Kobo tacitly admitting that if *they* go to the wall, you lose *all* of your ebooks, irrespective of where you bought them?

      This is why you always download a non-proprietary format and store and manage the files yourself

      This is why you strip the DRM from the book as soon as you purchase it. It's the first thing I do as soon as I buy an ebook. The tools are easy to find.

    1. Borders vouchers CAN be redeemed - providing you spend the same amount in cash (Ferrier Hodgson, the administrator, has no legal obligation to honour any vouchers sold prior to administration).

    2. There is an opportunity to register as an unsecured creditor - then you loose the right to redeem a voucher and probably receive peenuts if they go to liquidation (I think this would happen).

    I can't understand why people are still buying Kobo. Kindle is cheaper, easier to read with a better screen contrast and has a plenty of books available through Amazon. A freeware/donationware software called Calibre exists to take care of conversion to Kindle and maintain your ebook library.

    Plus, Kindle software can be installed on your Mac/PC/iPhone, compatible Mobipocket can be installed on Windows Phones so you could read your books anywhere anytime.

    Glad a bought a Kindle :)

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