Bitter Drinks Make Us More Judgemental

Bitter Drinks Make Us More Judgemental

In what could be the strangest research study you’ll read today, volunteers at the City University of New York were each given surveys to test their ‘moral compass’ in a variety of odd questions, including that old humdinger: sleeping with your second cousin.

At various intervals in the survey, respondents were given one of three beverages – bitter, sweet and water.

According to New Scientist, which reported the study:

“Those who drank bitter drinks were much harsher in their judgements than those who drank water, giving scenarios a score that was on average 27 per cent higher.”

In addition, bitter tastes were more likely to impact conservatives and right-wingers than lefties. Oddly enough, I always thought coffee drinkers became jerks when they didn’t get their regular caffeine fix. Now it’s safe to blame the coffee.

[via New Scientist and SAGE]