Australians Love Themselves Some Nintendo Hardware

Nintendo has sent out some pretty impressive sales figures today. Turns out that Australians have a long-term love affair with Nintendo hardware.

According to GfK data, Nintendo sold more than 520,000 DS handhelds (which includes all variants of the console) in 2010. More than half a million new DS devices in 12 months. If that number itself isn't crazy enough for you, consider that the DS has been the top selling console since it launched in 2006, selling more than 3 million units since it first landed.

It was also good news for Nintendo on the Wii front, with more than 420,000 Wiis sold in 2010, taking the console past the two million unit mark.

It's mind boggling to wonder who still doesn't own a DS or Wii console these days that Nintendo can sell so many consoles four years after launch. Mind you, the sales information makes no mention of how many of these devices are gathering dust underneath TVs around the country or actually still being used. But it's pretty obvious that regardless, Nintendo are going to sell truckloads of the 3DS when it hits shelves next month...

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