Auschwitz Must Change Domain Suffix To Avoid Blaming The Polish

"Hang on a minute," you cry, "Auschwitz has its own website?!" Well, naturally - it may have once been a concentration camp, but now millions visit it every year, and no doubt visit the website for information.

However, there's one problem - the Polish culture minister Bogdan Zdrojewski believes that the domain suffix confuses people, and has asked the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum people to change it to .com or .eu.

"I've asked them to be consistent in using the appropriate German names of the camps and this applies also to the internet...At the moment the .pl is misleading and might make people associate the camps with Poland."

As you no doubt know, Auschwitz is geographically located in Poland, but when it was built, Poland was occupied by the German-Nazis. There will of course be costs associated with moving the domain suffix, but Zdrojewski and other supporters are lenient as to when it's done - just as long as the change is made. [Auschwitz website via The Telegraph]

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