Attacking A Vandal-Proof Camera

Ever wanted to repeatedly smash a public security camera with a heavy object/your face/your partner? As this video from hi-def camera and security systems provider Mobotix demonstrates, that might not be such a great idea.

Mobotix held an event for its local distributors in Sydney yesterday, and I tagged along to hear about its wares. Boy, can those security types get excited by a fisheye lens.

Anyway, the thing which grabbed my attention was the "vandalism-proof" camera, originally built for use in prisons and railway stations, but apparently also pretty popular in petrol stations and convenience stores. The cameras also do all their processing on board and eschew moving parts, which simplifies maintenance but also reduces the impact of psycho rage.

I'm not saying using a really big flamethrower wouldn't have an impact eventually. But I'm not advising it either. (Reputedly, there's also video footage of the same camera being shot repeatedly by someone in Israel; we'll share that if we get hold of it.)

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