Are These HTC's Two Facebook Phones?

Just because it doesn't make any sense doesn't mean it's not real. According to PocketNow, these images are of two new HTC handsets with deep Facebook integration. As in, with dedicated Facebook buttons right there on the front.

There aren't really any details available at the moment, aside from one QWERTY form factor and one touchscreen. These also aren't to be confused with INQ's Facebook-friendly handsets, which were thought to be the original source of the Facebook phone rumours. rumours which, incidentally, Facebook has denied repeatedly.

So if they are Facebook phones, what does that mean aside from some awkwardly placed buttons and a News Feed homescreen takeover? According to a BGR report from January, the phone could have always-on GPS for automatic check-ins, location aware coupons, no or very little onboard storage, and pictures uploaded directly to the cloud. Or, presumably, your Facebook profile.

Sure, Facebook's not building a phone. But that doesn't mean a few of it's partners aren't. We'll know for sure either way when HTC holds its Mobile World Congress press conference tomorrow. [PocketNow]

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