Apple’s Tim Cook Visited Foxconn – And Came Out Alive

Apple’s Tim Cook Visited Foxconn – And Came Out Alive

Apple’s released an extremely comprehensive new version of its Supplier Responsibilty report for 2011, in which it faces up to suicides and underage workers in its supply chain.

Facts reported include a trip made by acting boss Tim Cook to suicide-struck Foxconn in June 2010, where Tim and some Chinese suicide prevention specialists (!) interviewed more than 1000 workers and made recommendations.

It was an international mercy mission, no less:

Recognizing that we would need additional expertise to help prevent further tragedies, we launched an international search for the most knowledgeable suicide prevention specialists—particularly those with experience in China—and asked them to advise Apple and Foxconn.

As well as the sad and graphic two-page update on Foxconn, the report also reveals that Apple found 91 employees that were hired while below the age of 16 – the legal work age in China. One factory was responsible for 42 of those and Apple has subsequently “terminated business” with it. [Apple Supplier Responsibility via WSJ]