Apple Confirms March 2 iPad Event

Apple Confirms March 2 iPad Event

The leaked iPad event just got confirmed by Apple by way of them sending out invites. Usually it’s not this obvious what Apple’s announcements are about, but this has the corner of an iPad right there in the image.

Here’s what we believe the next iPad will have.

A Basic Sketch of the Next iPad

Speaking of which, here’s our increasingly spot-on depiction of what Apple will likely flash around at the aforementioned RUMOURED BIG EVENT: the iPad 2. Or whatever they’ll call it. [More »] [imgclear]

Does This Secret Apple Store Employee Meeting Mean iPad 2 Is Looming?

According to Apple Insider, Apple’s scheduled a meeting later this week with all of its retail employees, asking each of them to sign non-disclosure agreements in advance. That’s standard operating procedure when there’s a major product announcement ahead. So what’s on the horizon? [More »] [imgclear]

It’s a Dangerous Time to Buy Apple Products

It’s a weird time to buy an Apple product. By that I mean it’s a terrible time to buy an Apple product. At least, if you want to own the latest and most amazingest with the least amount of heartbreak. That’s the story for three of Apple’s biggest products: iPhone 4, iPad and now, the MacBook Pro. [More »]