Angry Birds, Cut The Rope And Now… Bugs Wars?

Angry Birds, Cut The Rope And Now… Bugs Wars?

Shooters struggle to work on the iPhone and iPad because the people who play these sorts of games most, people like me, want tactile controls. We want thumbsticks.

While Bugs Wars isn’t a first-person shooter, it’s a good reminder that you don’t need to follow the traditional mechanics of a console game to deliver a fun experience.

The premise in Chillingo’s Bugs Wars is pretty forgettable: Alien bugs have invaded the planet and you need to protect the ambling humanity you come across while playing the game.

There is no way to control movement or your view, instead you use a single finger to move your aiming reticule around the screen and another to fire your weapon of choice.

Because the mechanics of control are so straight forward I found myself not thinking about them and instead enjoying the same sort of fun, replayable experience I found with Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. None of these amazing Chillingo games invent the experience they’re delivering, they just make sure to perfect the mechanics and keep out of the way of the art style, the concept and the game’s pull.

While I don’t think that Bugs Wars will be the next Angry Birds – it’s a bit too much of a game – it’s worth picking up. You’ve got a hefty arsenal to unlock, boss battles to defeat and those happy-go-lucky human blockheads to save.

Republished from Kotaku