Add Giant Blinking Eyes To Your Gadgets To Give Them Life

Remember as a kid how a couple of googly eyeballs stuck to a rock could turn it into a pet? Well, this is the 21st century version: a pair of giant blinking eyes that can turn any gadget into a seemingly living companion.

Powered by six AAA batteries, these giant blinking eyes blink in unison at random intervals to give off the impression that they're actually alive. With each eyeball measuring in at about 7.6cm wide, they won't fit on your smaller gadgets, but they will make your fridge a lot friendlier. They also come with a decoration sheet so you can add eyelashes, tears or eyebrows, among other things, to not make them too creepy.

Of course, there's a price you pay for having giant eyeballs blinking at you around the house. Aside from your sanity, that price is $50.


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