A Small Victory: Panasonic's Just Pleased 3DTVs Have Now Beaten LaserDisc

That's in the US, anyway, where around two million LaserDisc players were sold from the late '70s. 3DTV sellers still have some catching-up to do globally though, where 16.8 million LaserDisc players were bought by format-hungry customers before its death.

Speaking to TechRadar, Panasonic's Chief Technology Officer Eisuke Tsiyuzaki made the bold claim about 3D becoming more mass market, pointing at the fact that over two million Full HD 3DTVs had been shipped in the first nine months. Bear in mind that shipping units aren't the same as sales, but Tsiyuzaki still claims "this is a significant milestone".

3DTV manufacturers are still being shifty about their actual sales figures, but last August Samsung claimed to own 88.3 per cent of the US market for sales between March and July, with 66 per cent of their global sales coming from the US.

Now tell me - who here reading this ever bought a LaserDisc player? And which of you have actually spunked a few thousand on a 3DTV? [TechRadar]

Original Image Credit: RyanAdamsArchive

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