A Quick Look At Telstra’s Mid Year Results

A Quick Look At Telstra’s Mid Year Results
 src=Telstra today announced their mid year results, and there’s some interesting numbers in there. Let’s take a look.

Since David Thodey announced they were undertaking a new plan to not piss off focus on their customers, things have been looking pretty good for the Telco. According to today’s mid-year results, Telstra has attracted:

• 919,000 additional mobile customers, including 297,000 additional postpaid handheld and 505,000 additional wireless broadband subscribers
• 139,000 additional fixed broadband customers, compared with a decline of 30,000 in the first half of 2010
• 214,000 additional T-BoxTM and T-HubTM services • 420,000 more customers on bundled multi-product plans.

Now that Telstra aren’t charging a ridiculous surcharge on their (admittedly superior) mobile services, it seems customers are flocking to them en masse. Keep in mind that those figures are only over the second half of last year – almost a million new mobile customers in a population of 22 million is impressive.

Thodey also emphasised that their deal with NBNCo is travelling along nicely, with key financial terms with NBNCo finalised and an in-principle agreement with the government reached over what specific measures are going to happen in the transition. While there is still work to be done, Thodey claims that Telstra are “still on track to put the proposal to shareholders with a target date of 1 July 2011”.