Man Finds His Lost Wallet After 40 Years

Man Finds His Lost Wallet After 40 Years

Back in 1970, a man named Rudolph R. Resta lost his wallet. Amazingly, some 40 years later, a security guard found that very wallet and somehow returned it to the now 77-year-old Resta. Imagine that.

What a wonderful time capsule to stumble upon. There’s pictures of his lovely wife, who he says “still is glamorous”, a shot of his two boys in the yard (who are now in their 40s) and even a purple and white American Express Credit Card (that really looks like a piece of paper). All the cash that was in the wallet is long gone now, but everything else is there, from a clipping of Edward M. Kennedy’s eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy to business cards.

It almost makes me want to lose my wallet today and “find it” 40 years later. [NY Times]

Resta has been an American Express member since 1964.


That’s a picture of his dad and two boys.

Here’s his wife, Angela, posing in front of a Pontiac Grand Prix in Prospect Park.