A Guide To Fox’s Guide To Sexting

A Guide To Fox’s Guide To Sexting

Have you heard about this hot new sexting craze? All the kids are doing it, according to Fox News. And they’re here to help you navigate the potential sociological minefield that is flirty SMS. Let’s take a walk through some of Fox’s more salient sextiquette tips, shall we?

The embarrassment factor is removed because you don’t have to see the person while you’re typing your naughty thoughts.

Fair enough! Although if you can’t say it to the person’s face without giggling like a nervous baby, your sextnifigant other might be a little disappointed in your follow through. Totally true for sexting strangers or people who’d never let you touch them anyway, though.

If you are still in the flirting stage, it can help you to ease your way to the next step.

YES. Nothing will step up your game from “oh, hey, we both like Grizzly Bear?” to adventurous-but-tasteful Cinemax sex like a well-timed sexual overture. Or land you a restraining order, either way! At least you eased your to a minimum 500ft distance.

Here are a few of the more common sexting acronyms:

GYPO: Get Your Pants Off
IAYM: I Am Your Master
IWSN: I Want Sex Now
K4Y: Kiss For You
LMIRL: Let’s Meet In Real Life
MOOS: Member Of The Opposite Sex
MOSS: Member(s) Of The Same Sex
NALOPKT: Not A Lot Of People Know That
S2R: Send To Receive
TDTM: Talk Dirty To Me
WIN: Want It Now

Um? Maybe I’m just an old prude, but I’m pretty sure most of these aren’t real things (not to mention the dangerous similarity between MOOS and MOSS).

Fortunately, our intrepid Sam Biddle decided to test some of these out for himself.

With, uh, mixed results. Sounds like NALOPK these acroynms after all.

Delete. Delete. Delete. When you’re done playing, delete your conversation. It may be fun to look back at your naughty repartee later, but it won’t be any fun at all to explain to your kids. Never use your work phone.

Also, why are you letting your kids go through your text messages?

Send pictures at your own risk. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but once a photo is out there, you can’t get it back. It’s better to tell your partner to use his or imagination.

This one… well, okay. You got me.

So remember to practice safe sext, don’t sext and drive, and remember that at some point you’re actually going to have to make physical contact with a real human being. When you do, be sure to tweet about it. [Fox News]