A Gentle Reminder For Aussies Wanting To Nuke Their Yellow Pages Delivery

The US team were in celebration mode overnight as it finally became possible for them to cancel their Yellow Pages delivery. And as commenter Molokov pointed out, we've been able to do it to our Yellow Pages deliveries for a while now. If you want to cancel your Yellow Pages (and White Pages) deliveries, here's how:

1. Point your browser at https://www.directoryselect.com.au/ds/ 2. Enter your postcode and select 'Cancel regular deliveries' 3. Check the boxes of the books you want to cancel, give a reason and select 'Next' 4. Enter your address and contact informatrion and select 'Next' 5. Confirm your details, fill in the ReCaptcha box and select 'Next' 6. Check your email and click on the activation link.

The process takes less than five minutes, but is far from perfect given that the cancellation is only valid for three years. As you approach that three year mark, you'll receive an email informing you that deliveries will resume unless you cancel again.

It's far from a perfect solution, but much better than wasting time and resources getting them delivered and recycled within a few hours...

[Directory Select]

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