A Boat With An Underwater View

I'm not much of an ocean guy, really, but this magnificent machine—a compact mini-sub called the EGO—looks amazing enough for me to push aside my fear of fish and set out into the deep blue sea. In a sense it's an upside-down boat: the hull floats on the surface of the water while the cockpit is held underneath, with aquarium-style walls allowing you to peep everything going on under the surface.

The boat is piloted like a car—there's an acceleration pedal as opposed of a throttle—meaning that you don't need much special training to drive one around. Its battery-powered, with each charge giving you six to ten hours and a top speed of four knots, and it's currently being shown off at the Miami boat show. Personal mini-sub! Sounds great! Still would probably be terrified of the fish though. [Born Rich]

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