6.6 Million Australians Check Facebook Daily

This is unbelievable. At an event in the US, Facebook's head of U.S. agency relations Sarah Personette shared some statistics about Facebook usage. CEO of Buddy Media Michael Lazerow shared the slide, which tells us that over 10 million Australians are active Facebook users, with 66% of them logging in daily. That's 6.6 million people checking Facebook here every day!

While that figure pales in comparison to the 150 million active Facebook users from the US, 70% who login daily, it's still almost a third of our population checking Facebook every day.

Who said Facebook was a time sink?

[Twitter via TechCrunch, Image: Michael Lazerow]



    I wonder if that's distored by sites that require log in using facebook id?

      You got a good point there, but I don't think there's been too many occasions I've been online, logged into another website using my Facebook ID, and NOT also logged onto Facebook at some point during the same session.

    You have a bit of a mistake there with the "checking"

    I dont just check mine once a day I check it like every hour while I am awake...I feel addicted.

    I assume they are checking to see if it's gone away yet

    Last few days have disconnected my Samsung Galaxy S from the internet. (Hold Power button, click the Data Network Mode button) To significantly increase my battery life. Something quite good about not checking facebook every hour to see that one person liked something.

    I'm not one of them. It's great if you know people overseas but otherwise just pick up the phone instead.

    That is pathetic. I hope you are ashamed 23% of the Country. If you cut out all the old people and tiny people, it means a massive % of the Country's citizens are wasting time on it.

    I'd write more, but, I have to go check my wall.

      hahahahaha :))

      same ;)

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