12 Old-School Dental Tools You Don't Want Anywhere Near Your Mouth

What's worse than the thought of these diabolical dental devices from our friends at Oobject.com probing around my gum line? Clowns. I frickin' HATE clowns!

Self-Administered Dental Anaesthetic

19th Century Clockwork Dental Drill

Reconstruction of 7000-year-old dentist drill

Jewelled Dental Forceps 1850

Dental keys (tooth pullers) and a door key, by comparison

Antique Dental Descaling Set Made in France 18th Century

17th century Douglas Lever Dental Instrument

Vicious looking 1850s Dental Screw Forceps

Dental Drill - Pedal Operated, circa 1910

Antique Pelican type teeth extractors

Beautiful Late 19th Century dental kit

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