Will Motorola Really Muck Up The Xoom Tablet With Motoblur?

According to Motorola's European head of Android product management, Motorola wants to put the Motoblur interface on their upcoming Xoom tablet, which would be sad for a countless amount of reasons. But there's also something that doesn't quite add up.

According to Crave, the Moto exec Jonathan Nattrass said that Motoblur would be available as an over the air update. Whoa, whoa, whoa... wait a second. Why would they start with stock Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), and then switch to a new UI after launch? And who knows if it would be an optional or mandatory update for the Xoom, but either way it sounds like a confusing mess. Besides, why would you want to crap all over the hard work that Matias Duarte, Android's new UI guy, has been pouring into the OS? Hopefully this is just a miscommunication.

Update: Marin Perez of Into Mobile talked to Motorola, who clarified and said that they have "no plans to customise the software with MotoBlur". Crisis averted. [Crave UK]

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