Who Wants To Live In This Giant Slinky With Me?

Don't fret that I might cramp your style in our giant slinky - there's enough room for 10,000 people. From the deft hand of Russian architect Alexander Remizov, comes "The Ark", which he believes could be the future of housing.

Either that, or emergency housing for those evacuated from their homes (can we get some 3D printers to whip up a batch for Queensland, Australia, please?)

Whether they reside on land or water (shown below), his Arks could be assembled quickly and cheaply owing to its prefabricated structure. It'd be as green as possible, with a wind power generator, solar panels, and in the aquatic version's case, draw upon thermal water energy.

My only concern is how I'd hang artwork on those curved walls. [Spiegel via CNN]

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