Who Wants To Buy Cameron's House From Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

So you failed to win the auction for Cameron Frye's Dad's red Ferrari last year. Now what? Well, if that $US1.65 million is burning a hole in your pocket, you could always buy the glassy Ferris Bueller house.

It's just gone on the market with a cool price tag to match its cool, stark exterior (though the interior certainly looks more homely... just), and, yes, the price even includes the infamous garage (above), which the Ferrari crashed through after Ferris and Cameron's day off.

Any Gizmodo readers want to club together and buy the house for the official Ferris Bueller appreciation commune? [Huffington Post via Curbed via Gawker]

UPDATE: Either it's been on the market since 2009, or the buyer has put it up for sale again. Whichever way, it's now a veritable bargain since it's dropped from $US2.3 million. High five for the economy crash!

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