What To Expect For The Aussie Nintendo 3DS Launch

If you're wondering what to expect from the Australian launch of the Nintendo 3DS, Mark from Kotaku was up at 2:30am translating the European and US launch announcements for the local audience. Here's what he reckons you can expect:

But what about the price? Well, that’s a little more difficult. The Nintendo Wii was launched at $250US, and sold here in Australia for $399.95 so based on that logic the 3DS will retail at a similar cost.


Nintendo do have a stronger Australian dollar to contend with, and the spectre of increased importing by an infinitely more savvy consumer base. As a safe bet we’re going to say that the price will be no more than $400, but most likely no less than $350.

Apparently Nintendo have confirmed a March launch for Australia, so Serrels thinks a March 27th launch is when we can expect.

My guess is $350... I just can't see Nintendo getting away with a $100 premium over the Wii for a handheld, especially given the strength of the Aussie dollar at the moment. What do you think?

UPDATE: Nintendo have just announced they'll be holding an event on February 8 to announce Australian 3DS release details. Stay tuned for more!


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