WebOS Tablets Coming Soon, Hints HP Training Video

Apparently patient HP trainees were rewarded with a tantalising tidbit regarding WebOS tablets: They're coming soon! This we had an inkling of, obviously, but now things are much more official!

Admittedly, the wording is incredibly vague, but here's the transcript in question, obnoxiously dated "that's hot" meme and all:

That's hot. Love it. Why can't I do all that stuff on my PC?

Maybe you will. That's the big idea.

If I could run webOS on my phone and a slate and a netbook...

And they all talked to each other and shared information.

A friendly little product family...

That connects you to the world in amazing new ways.

I'm in. Let's go

Today, let's start with the phones. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

Tomorrow is Monday! That's only like a few hours away! Oh, but not literally tomorrow. I get it. Perhaps they meant February 9, when we expect to see some new tablets (and phones?) running WebOS. That's probably it. [Pre Central]

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