Watch A Tesla Roadster Get Charged Wirelessly

Watch A Tesla Roadster Get Charged Wirelessly

Imagine pulling into a parking space that charges your EV wirelessly while you go and pop a pill for dinner. The eCoupled induction charger for electric cars is one car-related doo-dad showing at CES this week. The future’s now, apparently.

Fulton Innovation says its eCoupled wireless charging tech can now handle high-powered devices like cars, not just handhelds and other small electronic bric-a-brac. It’s just a proof-of-concept device right now, but Fulton is looking to make its system the go-to wireless kit.

The company rolled out its eCoupled PowerSpot today, showing off how it could power up a Tesla Roadster. Once the spot is installed, you park your EV about four inches (in the case of the Tesla) over an induction pad. An adaptor is fitted to the underbody of the Tesla.


Naturally, an iPhone app would monitor the charging.

The company says it’s the first time its been able to wirelessly charge a “high-powered device”. Nissan announced last year that it had developed its own induction charger, though has yet to offer it for sale.

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