Warning: A Blow Up Doll Is Not A Floatation Device

Warning: A Blow Up Doll Is Not A Floatation Device

 title=With all the flooding in both Queensland and Victoria at the moment, it was only a matter of time before someone somewhere decided to take a scenic joyride downriver on the back of a blow up doll. Fortunately it was only hilarity – and not tragedy – that ensued.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

According to the ABC, a 19 year old woman was rescued yesterday afternoon after she fell off the blow-up doll she’d been riding down the Yarra river with a 19 year old man. Fortunately, she was able to grab a tree and yell for help, and both were rescued by SES workers shortly afterwards.

Although it’s funny to picture someone floating down the Yarra atop a blow-up doll, remember that these toys aren’t designed to be used as floatation devices, unless you happen to be “floating” on a waterbed, without pants.

Note: The pic’s from the Bubble Baba Challenge, an annual event in Russia where about 400 men swim the Vuoksa river with a sex doll. It’s quite different to floating down the Yarra… [ABC News]