Verizon's Not Scared Of iPhone 4 Traffic One Bit

Just how confident is Verizon that they can handle the influx of data usage from brand-new iPhone owners? So confident that they've been saying they're ready for the onslaught since back in 2009. But can they really walk the walk?

There's no question that Verizon's CDMA network one of the most reliable around. And their experience with Droid X - whose users reportedly snort up five times the usage of other Verizon smartphone owners - has surely given them a sense of what's to come. Factor in CTO Anthony Melone's big brass ones, and it sounds like everything should be A-OK.

But! Remember that AT&T gets slammed against the boards, repeatedly and with great vigor, for service despite having the fastest 3G network around. And when all those people fire up their Verizon iPhones on day one, the first thing they're going to do isn't making a phone call. It's downloading apps. That's going to be some traffic jam.

Working in Verizon's favour is that its CDMA iPhone will likely use separate channels for data and voice. That's not going to help your downloads much, but it means you'll probably (hopefully) end up having fewer dropped calls.

All of this is, of course, hypothetical (until it becomes actual tomorrow). But Verizon's been beating this drum since at least 2009; let's hope they've taken that time make the necessary preparations for the barbarians at their network's gate.

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