Use This Chair’s Shadow To Store Your Stuff

Use This Chair’s Shadow To Store Your Stuff

 title=Every chair can have a shadow, but none are as functional as the shadow on these chairs from Aussie design firm ClarkeHopkinsClarke. Dubbed “Purposefulness of Shadow”, the chair is designed around a false shadow, which can be used to store your belongings.

As described on the CHC website:

By constructing a three dimensional representation of a shadow and placing it underneath a chair, the “Purposefulness of Shadow” Chair is formed. Functionally, the “3D shadow” forms an extra rail to hang one’s coat without creasing it while one is leaning back. The (shaded) space between the “3D shadow” and the chair creates a compartment for laptops and handbags in a restaurant scenario. Visually, the “3D Shadow” disguises itself through optical illusion, bringing the focus to the minimal white chair.

Ultimately, you wouldn’t be able to have too many of these chairs in the same room – unless they were lined up precisely with uniform lighting, they would look a little weird having the same faux-3D effect in random arrangements. But everybody could use a little bit more storage space, and this chair design caters to that nicely. Not a real product yet, but as with most CHC designs, we can hope!