Trickle For iPhone

Trickle For iPhone

Not everyone ploughs through tweets like junkers at a Monster Truck Rally. Trickle offers a more tranquil Twitter experience, pushing tweets to your iPhone as they come, in crisp white Helvetica, one at a time.

What is it?

Trickle for Twitter, iPhone, $1.19. Pretty simple: Designed for in-dock usage, Trickle shows you your tweets one at a time, as they come. You can tap one of two buttons to retweet or favourite a tweet, and you can swipe back through your timeline manually, but that’s about it. Perhaps not ideal for Twittermaniacs who follow people by the hundreds, but for monitoring a well-maintained list of followers (or even a single source) it’s pretty clever. And better than staring at your battery crawl up while your iPhone’s in the dock, in any event.

Who’s it good for?

People who like staying up to date with stuff on Twitter but don’t like the IN-YOUR-FACE-ALL-THE-TIME-GOTTA-READ-IT-GOTTA-TWEET-IT Twitter lifestyle; people who like putting their iPhone to use when it’s docked on their desk; Helveticaheads.

Why’s it better than alternatives?

It might not be better than the official Twitter app, but it certainly is better for a certain type of Twitter user. The current class of Twitter apps has engendered a certain style of frequent, frantic usage, but Trickle is neat because it presents tweets as something to be glanced at as opposed to something to be dug through.

How could it be even better?

It’d be nice if links and photos were clickable in the app. Minimalism, I get it, but that’s kinda essential functionality. Even better: as it’s intended to be a desktop companion, make a widget that you install on your PC or Mac that opens links on your main computer when you tap ’em in the app.

Trickle for Twitter, $1.19 | iTunes

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