Toshiba Hasn't Finished With Its Tegra 2 Android Tablets

The last time Toshiba tried its hand at a Tegra 2 tablet, it stank. Will this mysterious 10.1-inch Android tablet do any better? Probably not. It will run on Android Honeycomb, however.

Engadget got a hands-on preview of the unpowered, unnamed tablet, and reported it as having a 1280 x 800 res screen, plus two cameras: a 5MP rear-facing, and a 2MP forward-facing. Sadly the most exciting spec of all—the Android Honeycomb version—wasn't tested, as Toshiba isn't ready with it.

Physically, it's got USB and HDMI ports, plus an SD card slot and miniUSB port. The back is made from rubber (and can be taken off, to swap batteries or coloured back plates), and it weighs 770 grams, with a thickness of 1.5cm. Expect more information on Toshiba's tablet this week at CES, but if you're looking to buy? You've gotta wait a few more months for that, pal. But by then Motorola, Samsung and LG at the very least will have their Honeycomb tablets ready for your credit card's hospitality. [Engadget]

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