TiltShift Generator For iPhone

TiltShift Generator For iPhone

iPhone photo apps these days have some sort of setting for “tilt shift”, the popular photographic effect that makes scenes look like elaborate (and adorable) sets of miniature models. TiltShift Generator actually lets you control the miniature-making parameters.

What is it?

TiltShift Generator, iPhone, $1.19. Beginning as a popular web and Adobe AIR app, TiltShift Generator proved that you didn’t need an expensive lens to make some pretty convincing tilt shift-y photographs. The iPhone app is the same idea – a dedicated, single-minded app for giving iPhone shots a quick and dirty tilt shift makeover. You can place the blur and adjust its radius, set sliders for saturation, brightness, contrast and vignette effect, and save ’em to your photo roll. And they end up looking pretty damn good.

Who’s it good for?

Budding iPhone photographers; people who want to feel like Godzilla compared to their iPhone photo subjects.

Why’s it better than alternatives?

It gives you exactly the tools you need to make tilt shift photos on your iPhone 4 and shows you how to make them, with a built-in tutorial. It’s cleanly designed, gives easy options for changing the export size of the photos, and it’s only a buck.

How could it be even better?

Some other basic photo functions, like the ability to crop, would be welcome. And I wouldn’t mind being able to tweak the settings in landscape to take advantage of all the real estate the iPhone has to offer.

TiltShift Generator, $1.19 | iTunes

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